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Art Shows

Talavera - Denver, CO                                                        Solo Exhibit                         February 19, 2015

8 framed paintings, 6 Acrylic Paintings, 6 Fabric Pieces


Luna Tango – Denver, CO                                                  Solo Exhibit                         July, 1996

Seven acrylic paintings displayed

Art Shows

Juried Shows

Front Range Contemporary Quilters, Westminster, CO           "The Answer Comes Up                                    January 2020

"Portfolio 2020 Catalog"                                                                  Each Morning" Accepted

Depot Art Gallery "First Impressions," Littleton, CO                 5 pieces accepted                                            January 2016


Littleton Artist's Guild Bemis Library Show                              "Waves", "Three Fish" accepted.                       August, 2015

Honorable Mention for "Three Fish"                                                                                           


Glovinsky Gallery "The Written Word As Art", Denver, CO        "Tree of Life" accepted                                       April 2014


Bike Art at the Diary, Boulder, CO                                                 “Mama’s Joyride” accepted                             March 2012


"Metav" at the Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver, CO                             "Tree of Life" accepted                                      June, 2010


Denver National Quilt Festival, Denver, CO                                 "Phoenix" Accepted                                           May, 2010


Benartex, “Piece, Love and Quilts Contest,” NY                          "Feelin' Groovy" Finalist                                    July, 2008


“Thurtene” Carnival, St. Louis, MO                                                Winner – Design Contest                                 April, 1992

Art featured on poster, program, t-shirt, mural and newspaper ads promoting the event.

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